My Journey

When I began to align myself to my life’s purpose, delivering spiritual messages through my art, is when I begun to experience a shift both physically and psychologically.


Arriving home in 2005 from a wonderful adventure living and working in Canada and traveling through USA, Europe and the UK for 18 months, I dove right back into my profession as a graphic designer. Enjoying the Aussie beaches again, it came as a shock when a wave crashed on the side of my head dislocating my jaw. A downward spiral began…


Over the next 2 years my body became affected by widespread pain and with chronic fatigue worsening, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia gave answers however, little treatment. I was unable to work. In 2010, I underwent jaw surgery and experienced my first anxiety attack. This was the beginning of a long and difficult battle with anxiety. When it rains it pours right!?!


A psychic medium delivered a message, “You should paint! You would be good at it. Painting will help re-store your confidence and help with anxiety and depression.” So, I picked up a paint brush. She was right. I was doing what I thought I had to do, working as a graphic designer was a stable 9-5 job. However, I was not nourishing my soul or being true to who I was, which is an artist and deeply spiritual person. 


I focused on creating art and healing myself and a path of personal development and self discovery began. In my awakening, I learned the value of compassion and acceptance. Accepting people for who they are including myself. This understanding that we are all connected and learning from each other in order to evolve, really helped me to open my heart and see the light and beauty in everyone.


This health challenge was a way of putting me on my path. I am now managing my health better and with spiritual awareness I can view things from a higher perspective, bringing greater understanding and much needed sense of peace. If, I had not experienced this illness would I still be sitting in an office unfulfilled and wishing for something greater?


The universe has a way of guiding and correcting our course of action, and for me, this health challenge became an opportunity, a true blessing in disguise.

Michelle Tracey –